Managed Staking ServiceMSS

Attestant’s managed staking service gives customers the ability to stake their Ether using Attestant’s infrastructure while always retaining full control of their assets.

What is staking?

Staking is the process used to secure the Ethereum 2 blockchain: you deposit 32 Ether into a “staking contract” to become a validator. To validate, you run a computer program to either propose new blocks in the chain or vote to affirm that blocks proposed by other validators are valid. If you do a good job, you are rewarded with additional Ether; if you do not, some of your Ether is forfeited.

Staking in Ethereum 2, however, does not amount to free money: it requires continual active affirmation of the state of the Ethereum 2 blockchain, which in turn requires continual connectivity to the internet. Staking can result in a net loss of funds if a validator is inattentive or inactive.

The Attestant difference

Attestant provides an institutional-grade staking service for holders of Ether, allowing you to participate in the staking economy of Ethereum 2, earning rewards while helping to secure the Ethereum 2 network. Attestant has built hardware, software and processes that manage staking at scale in Ethereum 2.

Data sheet

Download the Attestant data sheet for information about our managed staking service.

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