Managed Staking ServiceMSS

Attestant’s managed staking service gives customers the ability to stake their Ether using Attestant’s infrastructure while always retaining full control of their assets.

What is staking?

Staking is the process used to secure the Ethereum 2 blockchain: you deposit 32 Ether into a “staking contract” to become a validator. To validate, you run a computer program to either propose new blocks in the chain or vote to affirm that blocks proposed by other validators are valid. If you do a good job, you are rewarded with additional Ether; if you do not, some of your Ether is forfeited.

Staking in Ethereum 2, however, does not amount to free money: it requires continual active affirmation of the state of the Ethereum 2 blockchain, which in turn requires continual connectivity to the internet. Staking can result in a net loss of funds if a validator is inattentive or inactive.

The Attestant difference

Attestant provides an institutional-grade staking service for holders of Ether, allowing you to participate in the staking economy of Ethereum 2, earning rewards while helping to secure the Ethereum 2 network. Attestant has built hardware, software and processes that manage staking at scale in Ethereum 2.



Your funds are secure with Attestant. Ethereum 2 validators use two separate keys: one to attest and one to move funds. Attestant provides the former and you generate and retain the latter, ensuring that Attestant has no access to your funds. This non-custodial system gives you the highest level of security as, without the key that only you hold, no-one can move your funds.


When you trust your stake to Attestant we make sure that we are able to provide the highest level of uptime and hence the highest rewards. Attestant’s diversified validator infrastructure contains multiple servers in different geographical regions running different software. This provides a high level of reliability against any individual component failure, along with protection against denial-of-service attacks.


Visibility is critical for your peace of mind. Attestant provides multiple ways for you to view your funds. A client portal provides up-to-date information about the state of not just your funds but the health of the Ethereum 2 network as a whole. You can also receive emails that provide summaries about the performance of your funds, ensuring you are always in-the-know.


Attestant is designed for stakers, not engineers. Technical interaction is kept to a minimum: you are only required to create and retain the private key that controls your funds. With that in place, you can start earning rewards with just a few clicks on the Attestant customer portal. Reports are designed to be jargon-free, and provide the information you need to understand the performance of your funds.


Hackers and bugs can cause what are known as “slashing events”, where your funds are cut and you are excluded from further rewards. Attestant’s unique validator infrastructure distributes the process for creating new blocks and attesting to existing ones, ensuring that slashing events cannot be created even if a hacker succeeds in breaking in to the Attestant infrastructure. Staking with Attestant is the safest way of obtaining Ethereum 2 rewards.


Staking generates rewards approximately every 6 minutes, which can cause problems when it comes to filing your taxes. Attestant provides full and flexible reporting at whatever level of detail you need, and generates reports suitable for both computer and human use. Features such as roll-ups, periodic profit, and choice of currency are available to provide the report you need in the format you want.