Attestant Overnight Rate

The following table shows the Attestant Overnight Rate (AOR) data for the last 7 days.

DateAttestant Overnight Rate
No data


The Ethereum network is secured with a proof of stake mechanism. Users stake their ETH in order to become a validator on the network. Validators that are actively working to secure the network receive rewards to increase their staked balance, conversely validators that perform actions to destabilise or attack the network risk having their balance reduced.

The Attestant Overnight Rate is a volume weighted median of the annualized effective rate of return for every eligible validator that is active on the network over a 24 hour period. The eligible validators are ordered from lowest to highest return, and the returns associated with the 50th percentile of staked volume are published as the Attestant Overnight Rate. The rates are published one day in arrears and are expressed as a percentage rounded to four decimal places.

The 1st, 25th, 75th and 99th percentiles for each rate are also calculated using the same volume-weighted methodology. Percentiles are calculated using a similar methodology to the Microsoft Excel percentile.exc function.

As of the 13th of April 2023 post Shanghai + Capella upgrade the AOR methodology has been updated to accommodate withdrawals.

Attestant Overnight Rate (AOR) Calculation Metric

The effective annualized return at time t1{t-1} (where t{t} is measured in days) on an eligible validator is calculated as:

(VtVt1+W)Vt1×365\frac{(V_t - V_{t-1} +W) }{ V_{t-1} } \times 365


Vt1{V_{t-1}} is the validator balance at time t1{t-1}.

Vt{V_{t}} is the validator balance at time t{t}.

W{W} is the Withdrawals between period t{t} and t1{t-1}.

Validator balances are taken at 00:00 UTC. A validator's balance is the amount of ETH held by the validator.

An eligible validator is a validator that is in the active state at time t1{t-1} and exclusively remains in the active state until, and including, time t{t}.

Data Exclusions

In calculating the rates each day, Attestant will review the data to assess whether any errors are apparent in the dataset that could affect the accuracy of published data and, in some circumstances, may exercise expert judgment to determine whether reported data appear to be erroneous.

Data Contingency

On most days, the rates will be published at approximately 11:00am London time. If rates are published with reduced volume due to missing validators or other circumstances, a note will be included with the published rate to indicate reduced volume. If Attestant deems that the reported data are incomplete and insufficient to publish, then the rate publication may be delayed. Under extraordinary circumstances, when all data sources are insufficient, Attestant may publish the prior day's rates. In such instances, the change in the source will be noted when the rate is published.

Rate Revisions

If return data is revised, or an error is discovered in the calculation process after publication the affected data will be revised. These revisions will only take place if the change in the published data exceeds 5 basis points. Any time published data is revised, a footnote would indicate the revision.