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Gary Rowe2 Apr 2020

This Too Shall Pass

Many crypto ecosystems are born from times of adversity and Ethereum is no exception. This article provides some words of hope during these difficult times.

Figure 1Figure 1: Photo by Kenny Luo on Unsplash

The words "This too shall pass" are thought to have been inscribed on the ring of the wise king Solomon in times long past. They remain a guiding principle for many who are facing difficult times as are we all in this relentless pandemic. The world is changing rapidly and we will not return to the same one that we left. We must remember that we are in a marathon, not a sprint.

Crypto was born into uncertain times. For those of us who were here at the start, 2009 was a very hard year filled with fear, uncertainty and doubt. Fortunes were lost, but others were made. Those who took a chance while everyone else was hunkering down saw the opportunity that Bitcoin brought with it. Entrepreneurs and innovators flocked to this new technology and a thousand flowers bloomed.

Ethereum 2 will be forged in a similar fire of fear, uncertainty and doubt. Across the globe we have a new breed of entrepreneurs and innovators building the next generation of decentralised, trustless computing. Among the many opportunities this brings is the realisation of the dream of a truly decentralised finance platform.

Many of the development teams working on Ethereum 2 will be working from home - most likely under difficult and distracting circumstances - but the code commits and discussions will continue unabated. Crypto companies are very used to remote working. Distributed systems are usually built using distributed teams and tools. Ethereum 2 is a vast research project that will take years to finalise, but each step offers opportunities to change the world.

For our part, Attestant continues to work on creating the bedrock of this new crypto ecosystem - the staking infrastructure. Our efforts are focused on ensuring that those who wish to be part of securing this new technology are able to do so. When the very first part of the Ethereum 2 ecosystem, the beacon chain (phase 0), is moved to production we will be there.

For some time we have been running Prysm validators on our testing infrastructure and reporting back any issues and improvements that we have discovered. In addition we are also expanding our infrastructure to support the multi-client TestNet currently in development. We continue to help build out the beacon chain on the Goerli test network and are close to beta testing of our management applications.

As a message to all the other development teams out there, we offer the simple phrase that "this too shall pass" and that by working together we can get through these trials stronger and more resilient than ever before. We are building the future.

As always, if you are interested in using Attestant to meet your staking requirements, please get in touch using You may want to download our short data sheet (PDF) which covers our managed staking service.

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