Can you take Ether from my validator to pay for your services?

Because Attestant is non-custodial it is not possible for us to access your funds. This includes validating rewards, which are placed directly under your control as they are generated. As such, it is not possible for Attestant to take funds from the validator.

What financial reporting do you offer?

We provide online real-time validator information via the client portal. We also provide two forms of exported data:

  • a period report, showing profit and loss for each validator or customer-defined group of validators over the given period
  • a period statement, showing daily changes in both rewards and capital.

The former is to allow customers to track their validators’ performance, and the latter is usually for accountants to prepare financial reports.

All reports can be customized in terms of their reporting period and currency as per customer requirements. Reports are generated in PDF for customer viewing, and can be provided in CSV format for ongoing processing.

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